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Nurse Retreats

For those in healthcare, and especially nurses, the past two years have been met with unprecedented challenges. There is an extreme shortage of nursing colleagues, while patient demand has become more intense, overwhelming, and complicated. The pandemic has led many nurses to feel distressed – they are not able to offer the level of care they want due to the pressures of the healthcare system and other conditions caused by the pandemic.


Many nurses are exhausted, are facing burn-out, and need a safe and supportive environment to be heard. They need space and expert support to deal with compounded trauma, grief, and stress while learning new tools for healing and resiliency.

With decades of experience in health care, we specialize in nurse retreats that engage the mind, body, and spirit and provide a meaningful, healing, and fun environment to renew and restore. Our retreats acknowledge the inherent challenges and rewards of nursing and aim to help identify and apply strategies to restore and fortify the joy of nursing. They allow nurse participants to explore issues, connect with others, and acquire new, effective strategies for resiliency and self-healing.

Call us today at 415-707-0227 to talk about a nurse retreat for your organization. 

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